Alodine 5200 is chrome-free and environmentally friendly. This coating is commonly used on castings, forgings, wrought alloys of aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. The Alodine 5200 process is approved for military applications by the Department of Defense.

- Chromate-free conversion coating
- Environmentally friendly replacement for hexavalent chrome
- Used as a coating substrate to improve adhesion for paint, powder coat or adhesive for rubber to metal bonding.
- Retains a bright finish

Applications and Approved By
- Automotive - Bodies, Trim & Wheels, Heat Exchangers
- Electronics - Aluminum and Magnesium Housings
- Military - Vehicles, Aircraft
- Aerospace - Commercial & Military Applications
- Coil Coating - Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized
- GI - Appliance, Furniture & Marine, Truck Bodies
- Aluminum Containers - Beverage Cans

Capabilities and Work Package - 85" X 48" X 50".